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"If music be the food of love, play on. Give me excess of it; that surfeiting, the appetite may sicken, and so die.”

So said Bill Shakespeare. But, as far as Paul Mex and myself goes, we never get sick of good music. Not only are we to be seen often gorging on it, we go back for seconds, thirds, fourths, and more. We positively live and breathe it; he is a record producer, musician and music aficionado, and I'm a music journalist and broadcaster (and very part-time musician…). He loves everything from Miles Davis (he has nearly 200 of his albums) to the Sex Pistols. And so do I. We both have wildly eclectic tastes, albeit loosely defined by the spirit of 'punk' (not the music, but its attitude and style). In just over a year of broadcast we have shown hundreds of artists, as well as the odd interview conducted by Mex via his hi-tech iPhone, and the occasional turns of Plum and Emily Dean, two more music-mad friends.

Mex explains the origins of Under The Radar:
"One sunny day in Brighton I get a message from (Latest TV boss) Bill Smith, saying he has an idea and that I should pop round for a drink. We are both Kemptown residents and I’ve known Bill a few years. I’m nervous because when Bill has an idea it’s usually a bit crazy. Once at his pad though I’m enjoying a drink in his back garden… 'Why don’t you do a music show on my TV channel, playing all that arcane music you like, which rarely gets heard or is championed?' A few days later I’m cycling along a wet seafront when I bump into Brighton hip-cat Jeff Hemmings, another local I’ve known a while. “I hear you are going to be doing a music TV show,” he boldly states. 'Wow, news travels fast' I think to myself and before you know it, Jeff and I are perched in front of bright lights, cameras, but no make-up or green room, for our first warts and all TV presentation adventure. Hurled together with Pere Ubu, Jonathan Richman and the Only Ones, we plunge through the show in true punk rock spirit, by the seat of our pants learning and messing up as we go... Under The Radar is born!"

The truth is, we have never quite lost that initial buzz and excitement from hearing a certain record for the first time, or seeing a band kill it on the stage. We know we are not the only ones… Music is thriving as never before, and the internet age has opened it all up for all to discover. And it enables us to easily dig out lost sounds, and lost moments. Moreover, previously 'lost' or forgotten archive material is constantly being uploaded to the web. That's what we do; We dig on the internet, rather than the old fashioned digging in crates!

For instance, on this week's show we have a Zombies special; archive footage of The Zombies, plus solo work by the two main protagonists, Colin Blunstone and Rod Argent. Another week it could be women in punk, or a bass players special, or something jazz, or all things psychedelic, reggae, post-punk, 2-tone, heavy metal, etc. The Velvet Underground, Mink deVille, The Soft Machine, The Damned, Robyn Hitchcock, or even some newer, but UTR sounds such as Ezra Furman, Courtney Barnett et al. Whatever it is, we like it, have something to say about it, and have a laugh doing so. We hope you do too.

Jeff Hemmings, 2016.